Play for Society

Play for Society
Good Causes: Getting the Message Across

During World Lottery Summit 2022 (WLS 2022), the WLA will inaugurate the Play for Society project – a photograph and video exhibition depicting the worthy causes funded by WLA member lotteries around the world. 

With Play for Society, we aim to provide member lotteries with a visual platform to showcase their beneficiaries and feature the good causes that their lotteries support. The project will also serve as a public reminder, that the funding of good causes is not only one of the basic criteria for WLA membership and a common thread between all WLA member organizations; it is the main objective of the entire lottery industry. 

Materials received will be on exhibit during the WLS 2022, in Vancouver, Canada.  

Participation is free of charge. 

How to Participate 

All WLA and NASPL lottery members can take part to the project by sending photographs and/or videos representing and highlighting the cause(s) supported by the lottery. 

All photographs, videos and all the additional information must be sent to by September 16, 2022. 

To send large files, please use WeTransfer


  • Photograph/s and/or video/s highlighting the cause(s) your lottery supports 

  • Title of each photograph and/or video 

  • A brief synopsis of each photograph and/or video series for publication 

  • Name and description of the good cause(s) supported, including: 

  • Area (education, culture, social activities, sports, etc.) 

  • Specific location(s) where the good cause has been supported 

  • Amount of funds dedicated to the particular cause 

  • Any other details about the beneficiary that you wish to share

By sending the photographs and pictures, lotteries authorize the WLA to use the graphic material at the WLS 2022 in Vancouver, as well as at other WLA events, in publications, on social media and online. Lotteries also confirm that they hold all rights and permissions from individuals and places reproduced in the photographs and videos sent.

Technical Details


1. Each lottery can send one or more photographs. 
2. Each photograph must be identified by a title and a brief synopsis. 
3. All file types are accepted, with a preference for: png, jpeg, tiff or raw. 
4. High resolution (min 72 DPI at 1920x1080 px). 
5. Landscape or portrait formats. 


1. Each lottery can send one or more videos. 
2. Videos should be no longer than three minutes. 
3. Videos should be played and enjoyable even without sound. 
4. Accepted files are mp4 or QuickTime. 
5. Only landscape format (i.e. horizontal). 
6. Videos taken with mobiles phones will be accepted provided the resolution is sufficient. 

Contact Details

Valeria Serpentini 
+41 76 570 0661 


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