NASPL Awards

The 2022 NASPL Awards

The annual NASPL Awards honor the most creative, innovative and inspiring work produced across the North American lottery industry, with the prestigious Batchy, Hickey and Buddy Roogow Innovation Awards. And this year we’re excited to introduce the first NASPL Futures Award, celebrating our members’ forward-thinking initiatives in environmental sustainability.

We’ve also updated and expanded our Awards categories for 2022, to better reflect the industry’s evolving product offerings, marketing strategies, and innovations.

Finalists will be announced this fall, and winners will be honored in October at the 2022 World Lottery Summit in Vancouver.

Ralph Batch

Batchy Awards

The Batchy Awards are named in honor of the late Ralph Batch, who elected as NASPL’s first president in 1971. It was through his efforts that the advantages of exchanging information and collaboration on joint ventures among lotteries were first recognized. These awards are presented to NASPL members for outstanding advertising and business communication achievements.

Batchy Award categories include television, radio, and print advertising, digital media, corporate communications, responsible gambling communications and multicultural advertising.


Hickey Awards

The Hickey Awards are named in honor of the late Owen Hickey, an industry leader who is remembered for his creative development of unique promotional and public relations techniques for the lottery industry. These awards are given to lotteries exhibiting excellence in promotional and strategic marketing.

The Hickey Awards include Live special events promotion, digital special events promotion, potpourri promotion and best website, microsite or app.

Buddy Roogow Innovation Award

The Buddy Roogow Innovation Awards for Best New Instant, Draw, and iLottery Games are named in honor of the late Buddy Roogow. These awards recognize the efforts made to create and communicate the innovative attributes of new games, as well their increased sales potential.

The selected finalists in each category will be asked to prepare a case study of their game to present in an episode of Insights Direct this fall, prior to the Awards presentation at the 2022 World Lottery Summit. Each finalist will be notified in advance, to prepare their presentations.

NASPL Futures Award

The new NASPL Futures Award was created to recognize outstanding innovations with an eye on the future. For 2022, the award will honor the best eco-friendly initiative in the areas of new products, game design, lottery operations and conservation programs.

NASPL Futures Award entries must include a one- to two-page summary document describing the project goals and outcome. Include any estimated or documented environmental impacts of the new product or initiative. If possible, entries should also include two to three additional photos or graphics to be used during the Awards program presentation. Additional materials (applicable videos, promotional pieces, strategic analysis and impact, etc.) maybe be included as well.

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