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The first place I take someone from out of town… 


Though less than 1 million people live in Vancouver, over 8 million visit each year! With tourists outnumbering Vancouverites 8:1, locals are used to hosting visitors and dazzling them with first impressions of this stunning city. With spectacular scenery, a vibrant downtown, quaint neighbourhoods and restaurants galore, there is limitless potential for great times to be had. 

During downtime at the World Lottery Summit, we recommend getting out-and-about to explore the city and some of these quintessential Vancouver spots from our team, all located in and around the downtown core.  

Not far from the steps of the Convention Centre is one of the grandest hotels in the city, the Fairmont Pacific Rim. Indulge in a luxurious spa session at Willow Stream Spa or sip on an expertly crafted cocktail at its premier cocktail bar, Lobby Lounge

If you’re in the mood for something casual and caffeinated, some of the best coffee in the city is poured at Revolver, located in the heart of Gastown.  

Vancouver’s Chinatown is the largest in Canada and is home to numerous restaurants, shops, and cultural attractions.  A must on everyone’s list is Phnom Penh, the winner of numerous "Best South East Asian Dining" awards. Expect a long wait followed by an incredible meal. If you go, order the chicken wings! 

If you’re lucky enough for a clear day and have a little bit more time to spend, we recommend venturing beyond the downtown core across the Burrard Street Bridge to Kitsilano Beach. The sandy beach and large grassy areas provide perfect resting areas to enjoy the beautiful views of Stanley Park overlooking the Burrard Inlet. 

It’s hard to visit Vancouver and not find beauty in this incredibly special city. We hope you find your own favourite spots to share with loved ones on future trips! 


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