WLA Advertising Awards

WLA 2022 Advertising Awards
Deadline September 16, 2022 

The WLA Advertising Awards are a traditional component of the WLA Convention, designed to acknowledge and promote best practice in lottery industry advertising.  

The Advertising Awards provide an ideal platform for you to gain industry exposure for the promotional material produced by your lottery in the past two years. 

This year’s winners will be selected by delegates present at the Advertising Awards Session in Vancouver, on Wednesday, October 19, 2022. A Grand Global Advertising Award, selected as the best advertisement, will be presented during the Closing Dinner of WLS 2022. 

Award categories

  • Category 1 – Best Product Advertising broadcast on TV/cinema (numbers games, sports betting and instant games) 

  • Category 2 – Best New Media Advertising (ads created for distribution via Internet, social media, e-mail, mobile phones etc.) 

  • Category 3 – Best Corporate Advertising – TV/cinema ads that profile the organization 

  • Category 4 – Best Responsible Gaming Advertising - Advertisements that best convey a message of responsible or low-risk gambling or raise awareness of problem gambling or treatment resources. 


All WLA member lotteries are eligible to enter the Advertising Awards (with the exception of the host lottery, BCLC).  

Advertisements and promotions released to market between July 2020 and August 2022 are eligible for participation in this year’s Awards Competition. 

Print advertisements and promotions are not eligible for submission.  

There is no limit on the number of entries a WLA member lottery can submit in any one category or for the awards as a whole. 

Award submission procedure  

STEP 1: Send an e-mail request to the WLS Awards Committee at wlsawards@world-lotteries.org to receive a user name and a password to access the dedicated Awards Entry Website. 
STEP 2: Visit the Awards Entry Website by clicking the link https://wlsawards2022.com/en. Enter the user name and password you received, upload the entry files; fill in all the required details for your submission as instructed on the entry website. Once you have completed the submission process you will receive an automated confirmation email of receipt of your entries. 
STEP 3: Make your payment by following instructions in the payment section of the Awards Entry Website: https://wlsawards2022.com/en
NOTE: Registration and payment must have been completed to allow judging of entries. 

Award submission guideline and format 

  • Each entry should comprise a high-resolution video or media file as per the instructions on the Awards Entry website and a fully completed form with corresponding details for each entry. All submission descriptions should be submitted in English and total no more than 500 words. Use the form on the Awards Entry Website to nominate the category you would like your submission to be entered into; the objectives and target audience of the campaign the advertisement was part of; and the outcomes achieved.  

  • All entries must be submitted via the Awards Entry Website https://wlsawards2022.com/en. by Friday, September 16, 2022.  

Each advertisement submitted should have a maximum length of 90 seconds. Non-English entries must be submitted as a dubbed English version or have English subtitles.  
All entry files should be labeled as indicated hereunder: 

File identification requirement sample:

LOTTERY (acronyms): 

FDJ (for Française des jeux) 




Best product advertising 


Jingle Bell Bucks 


FDJ_WLA_BPA_Jingle Bell_Bucks 

Judging criteria

Advertisements will be judged against the following criteria: 

  • Impact / effectiveness of the game / product    

  • Information content (relevance to target audience)  

  • Design / aesthetic appeal  

  • Creativity   

  • Ability to gain and maintain the customer’s attention (cut-through)    

  • Ability to change customer perception 

  • Any other criteria the judging panel deems appropriate  

Judging panel  

BCLC as the host lottery has recruited a panel of industry experts to assess submissions against the above criteria. Panel members have an excellent awareness of global advertising / marketing trends and the ability to maintain a global perspective during the judging process. Information on the panel is attached. 

Judging process 

  • Member lotteries will each have a vote in the selection of finalists 

  • 5 finalists in each category screened at WLS2018 

  • All finalists will receive a certificate of recognition  

A mix of votes from WLA member lotteries and the judging panel will determine the finalists to be presented to delegates at the Advertising Awards Session. The weighting of votes will be 30% for member lotteries vs 70% for the judging panel. 5 finalists in each category will be drawn up.  

The 15 finalists will be screened at the Interactive Advertising Awards Session on Wednesday, October 19, 2022, from 10:00-11:00 a.m. We encourage the WLA Advertising Awards contestants and all delegates to attend the Interactive Advertising Awards Session to vote for their favorite advertisement in each category. 

From each category, the delegates will vote for their favorite and the 3 winners will be presented a trophy in the last part of the same session. The remaining finalists will each receive a certificate of recognition as finalists.  

From the 3 winning advertisements, the panel will select the WLA Grand Global Advertising Award winner, which will be announced at the Closing Dinner. 

The decision of the judges will be final and binding and appeals will not be entered into. Please note that submissions will not be returned following judging. 

Deadline for submissions  

Submissions must be uploaded to the submission address by close of business (Central European Time) on Friday, September 16, 2022.   


Entry fee 

An entry fee of CAD 500 per submission is payable by electronic bank transfer. Full payment details are provided below.  
Entry fees must be received by close of business on Friday, September 16, 2022.  (Central European Time).  

Please note that there is no entry fee for the Grand Global Advertising Award as winners from the three award categories will automatically be entered into the pool for this award.   


Electronic bank transfer 

Bank transfers should be in Canadian Dollars CAD (not your own currency) made payable to:  


World Lottery Association 

Name & address of bank 

Crédit Suisse, Lausanne, Switzerland 


CH05 0483 5024 1502 8201 0 

Account number 


Swift code 


Clearing number 



WLS2022 Ad Awards + your company name 

Payments should be made with the instruction ‘fees and charges to be paid by sender’.     


Alternative payment methods 

Should you not be able to make a bank transfer, please send a mail stating reasons to wlsawards@world-lotteries.org.  



The winning entry in each category as well as the winner of the Grand Global Advertising Award will be presented with a trophy. The trophies for the individual category winners will be presented following the voting during the Advertising Awards Session on Wednesday, October 19. The Grand Global Advertising Award trophy will be presented the same evening at the WLS 2022 Closing Dinner.  



Please direct any questions you have regarding the awards to the WLS 2022 Awards Committee via email at wlsawards@world-lotteries.org. Please reference the Advertising Awards in the subject line. 

WLA 2022 Advertising Awards Judges

Bryan Collins, Founder, Creative Director, 123W 
Bryan has worked in advertising for close to 30 years, working in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. In 2013, he and three partners started their own advertising and design company, One Twenty Three West which was named Canada's Small Agency of the Year in 2020 and 2021. He has over a decade's experience in the Gambling and Casinos sector and has a passion for responsible gaming and education messaging. 


Sandy Fleischer, Managing Partner, Pound & Grain 
Sandy brings over two decades of agency experience to Pound & Grain.  Recognized as an industry leader, he's presented at high profile events such as SXSW, Adobe Max, and the Society of Digital Agencies SoDA Speaks. He also contributes regularly to Strategy Magazine. At Pound & Grain, he’s led engagements with SAP, TELUS, Electronic Arts, BCLC, Paramount, Arc'teryx, MEC, and many others. In his secret other life, Sandy is known as DJ Pescatore, and has played to crowds across Canada, the US and Italy. 


Luke Southern, Vice President, Business Leadership, Cossette Media  
Luke represents a host of regional, national, and international clients. His role is focused on the delivery of best-in-class media solutions that resonate with real people and deliver against a client's business goals. With experience in Public Relations, Creative Development, Production, and Media, he understands how the full range of communications disciplines come together to create truly transformative work. 


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