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World Lottery Summit 2020

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October 26 – 30, 2020

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Advertising Awards Judges

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Miguel Daschuta

Advertising and business activity

Miguel has almost 40 years of experience in marketing and communication areas.

He has always believed that creativity should be dependent on concept, and that finding it is crucial.

He started his professional career in 1966 in Yuste Publicidad, one of the five most important agencies of the time, and in 1969 moved to Ricardo De Luca, a leading company, to be an Account Manager.

He developed his full career in the same agency, something quite unusual in the advertising industry, and even more so this being a local family run company. He became Executive Account Manager, General Director and partner, and finally, owner and Chairman.

In all this time, Ricardo De Luca Publicidad was always in one of the three first places in the billing ranking. It increased its professional prestige getting to work with important national and international advertisers like Gillette, Refinerías de Maíz, Renault, Bagley, Molinos, Noblex, Braun, Banco de la Nación Argentina, Reebook, Boeing, Lucas Bols, and many more.

Owing to the effects of globalization (not only on agencies but also of their bigger advertisers), De Luca Publicidad was sold to Young & Rubicam where Miguel became Business Development Director and at the same time Chairman and General Manager of AHDL Publicidad, a company of the same multinational group.
At that time, (1998-2000) he was elected Chairman of the Asociación Argentina de Agencias de Publicidad (Argentine Association of Advertising Agencies).
Today he is the Chairman of MGD Comunicaciones SA.

Organizations, Business Entities and others

  • Former Chairman of the Asociación Argentina de Agencias de Publicidad, and today Honorary Member.
  • Former Chairman of Consejo de Autorregulación Publicitaria CONARP (Advertising Auto-regulatory Board).
  • Even though he was not a creative, he was on the jury of the two most important international festivals: Cannes International Advertising Festival and Clio Awards.
  • Founding partner of FUNDECE – Fundación Empresaria para la Calidad y la Excelencia (Business Foundation for Quality and Excellence) and FUNDAPRE – Fundación Premio Nacional a la Calidad (National Award to Quality Foundation).
  • Former Vice President of the Argentine Chapter of IAA (International Advertising Association).
  • Former Member of the Administrative Board of CPA (Consejo Publicitario Argentino), and today Honorary Member and part of the Education Commission.
  • Jury member in Fund TV.
  • Former Director, as representative of AAP, of the CCA - Cámara de Control de Medición de Audiencia (Audience Measurement Control Chamber).
  • He was awarded the Golden Brain in his career.
  • He published "La Publicidad cuenta su Historia" (Advertising tells its History) with A. Borrini, O. Aprile, and J. Martínez.
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Héctor Alejandro Del Piano

Chairman of Diálogo Publicidad SA for more than 40 years, he has been in charge of the development of advertising campaigns for national and international brands in Argentina, Spain, México, Perú, Brazil, and Bolivia.

The agency’s clients include Petrobras, Cervezas CCU (Schneider, Sta Fe), Arcor, Banco de la Nación Argentina, Natura Cosméticos, and Grupo Bunge y Born (Pinturas Alba, Sábanas Grafa, 3M, Campbell Soup, ands so forth).

He participated in the lottery industry with Lotería de Buenos Aires (launching the online system, Quiniela, Club Keno Bonaerense, and Megabola, etc.) and with Lotería de Santa Fe (Quini 6, La Revancha, Brinco, etc.), always taking an active participation in strategic planning, marketing, and communication.

He has actively participated as speaker and lecturer in different congresses of the lottery industry: Alea, Cibelae, and so on.

Diálogo Publicidad SA have assisted Boldt and he was in charge of the planning and advertising campaign for the launch of the Casino de Tigre and the Casino de Rosario.

In his institutional activity he has been:

  • Chairman of the Cámara de Control de Medición de Audiencia (Audience Measurement Crontrol Chamber).
  • Chairman of the Asociación Argentina de Agencias de Publicidad (Argentine Association of Advertising Agencies).
  • Chairman of the Federación Argentina de Agencias de Publicidad (Argentine Federation of Advertising Agencies).
  • Chairman of the Círculo de Propietarios de Sangre Pura de Carreras (Thoroughbred Owners Circle).
  • Member of the Comisión de Carreras del Jockey Club (Jockey Club Race Commission).

He has been a jury member in different contests, such as those of de Cámara Argentina de Marketing (Mercurio Awards) FIAP, and so forth.

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Daniel E. Reynoso

With more than 30 years of expertise as a creative leader, Daniel worked during the first half of his career for international companies including McCann Erickson, Ogilvy & Mather, and Lintas Worldwide. He then became General Creative Director and partner in independent agencies from Argentina such as Diálogo Publicidad and Ideas de Fuego.

He was part of Worldwide Creative Board for five years and was responsible for the Bayer account, made up by Lintas México, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Argentina.

He has been in charge of the creative management of some of the more important gambling accounts in his country like Quini 6, Brinco, Lotería de Santa Fé, and Megabola. He worked on the creation of La Solidaria, a lottery launched in Argentina by the O.N.C.E. of Spain.

He was awarded five Mercurio Awards, the award given by the Asociación Argentina de Marketing (Argentine Marketing Association) to successful marketing campaigns developed by brands.

He has also received awards from the Cannes Media Lions, New York Festivals, Montreux, Clio, London Festival, The One Show, FIAP, Círculo De Creativos Argentinos, Martín Fierro, Lápiz De Platino, Premio Clarín, El Sol, Festival de Río de Janeiro, Fund TV, The Global, El Ojo de Iberoamérica, Effie Awards, and Caracol de Plata.

He has taken part in several public interest campaigns on issues like HIV prevention, disability awareness, solidarity, and responsible driving. Owing to these activities, he was named Honorary Partner of the Consejo Publicitario Argentino (Argentine Advertising Board).

He has been invited by the Centro de Estudios Superiores de Diseño de Monterrey, Mexico to teach marketing strategy, detection of market tendencies, and creative solutions proposals.

In 2017 he was awarded the Golden Brain for his career. Fundación Atacama gives this award to professionals in communication and advertising.

He has been a jury member at the Cannes Festival, Clio, FIAP, New York Festival, Círculo de Creativos Argentinos, Montreux, Premio Clarín, the Effie Awards, and so forth.

So far, he has been responsible for communications for more than 150 brands.