World Lottery Summit 2020

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Plenary Sessions

Platinum Contributors’ Session

The WLA Platinum Contributors’ session has become a tradition at WLA conventions. The central session will be a discussion panel, featuring selected top-level executives from the WLA Platinum Contributors – IGT, NOVOMATIC Lottery Solutions, Scientific Games Corporation, and the INTRALOT Group. The panelists will answer questions on some of the major issues confronting our industry today. The panel session will take place on Tuesday, November 20, from 11:15 until 12:00.

As well, each Platinum Contributor will have a designated speaker give a short presentation. The individual 15-minute presentations will take place at regular intervals within the plenary sessions running across the three days.

Given the crucial role played by the service providers in supporting the lottery industry, and the wealth of opportunities they offer our member lotteries, the views from the WLA Platinum Contributors are sure to provide for an entertaining and insightful session.

Platinum Contributor Panel Session – Tuesday, November 20, 2018 (11:15-12:00) – BALLROOM PACIFICO B

Platinum Contributor Presentations

Lotteries Summit and Pep Talk

Culminating the WLS 2018 business program will be the traditional Lotteries Summit and Pep Talk. A panel comprising a selection of lottery directors from around the world will revisit many of the themes covered in the WLS 2018 business program, discussing them in depth from the perspective of the lottery operator. Recapping such topics as innovation, gamification, and the impact that technology has had on our industry, the Lotteries Summit and Pep Talk promises to be a lively, stimulating, and collegial exchange of thoughts, perspectives, and opinions on the future of the lottery industry.